About CERC


The Community Equity Research Center (CERC) is dedicated to conducting participatory action research created by and for historically disadvantaged and underrepresented groups in the Central Valley. 

CERC is committed to partnering with communities to promote dialogue and critical reflection with invested stakeholders, for the expressed purpose of facilitating systemic change through local action, advocacy, and policy formation, with the goal of improving equity, inclusion, and social justice.

CERC Staff

Dr. Steven Drouin
Interim Executive Director

Dr. Milissa Bradley
Assistant Director

Dr. Jennifer Pace Whitman

Dr. Jennifer Pace Whitman
CERC Program Support

Dr. Alison McNally
Faculty Fellowship Scholar

Nahui Milan Gonzalez
Student Researcher
Rooted in Education Mentorship Website

Affiliated Researchers:

Dr. Kelvin Jasek-Rysdahl

Dr. John Garcia

Former CERC Researchers:

Dr. Devon Graves
Research Brief

Dr. May Ying Ly
Research Brief

Dr. Mary Roaf

Dr. Kate Hey
Research Brief

Dr. Kou Her
Research Brief