What is CERC?


Who We Are

The Community Equity Research Center (CERC) at Stanislaus State is a hub for participatory action research supporting equity, inclusion, and the development of knowledge in the pursuit of social justice in the Central Valley.

What We Do

We partner with residents to conduct research that addresses local issues with creative, inclusive, and multidisciplinary solutions to develop policy initiatives to address structural inequities.  

What We Value

  • Social Justice
    We value actions to promote a society where collective voice and participation are broadly shared among those who experience inequities in their community. 
  • Lived Experiences
    We value the experiences and expertise of historically disadvantaged and underrepresented groups living in the Central Valley. 
  • Community-Driven Research 
    We value the ability of community members as partners to elevate pressing community issues and conduct research that promotes constructive actions. 
  • Community-Centered Research 
    We value and recognize that community members from historically underserved and underrepresented groups need to have their expertise, knowledge, and networks elevated.
  • Participatory Action Research
    We value participatory action research to understand and address problems within the Central Valley. 

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