18th Annual Western Food Safety Conference


Advance Your Professional Development by attending the 18th Annual Western Food Safety Conference.

Funding support provided by USDA Award No. 2021-77040-34884“Career Ready Ag Food Safety (CRAFS)” 

May 3-4, 2023
Hartnell College in Salinas, CA

At this annual conference, you’ll learn about the fresh produce industry’s safety, research, and regulatory developments. Join industry-leading scientists, executives, and professionals for two days of the latest science-based industry information and excellent networking opportunities. 

About the support to attend funded by the USDA Award No. 2021-77040-34884 “Career Ready Ag Food Safety (CRAFS)”
  • It includes registration fees, hotel expenses, and mileage reimbursement.
  • It excludes the cost of meals and personal spending.
  • It has an approximate value of $900.
  • Space is limited.

Funding provided by USDA Award No. 2021-77040-34884 “Career Ready Ag Food Safety (CRAFS)”  

Learn more about the conference at https://thewesternfoodsafetyconference.com