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Umar Ghuman

Umar Ghuman Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Director, Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management
Co-Director, MPA Program
(209) 667-3682

Department of Political Science,
Public Administration, and Leadership Studies

Stanislaus State
One University Circle
Turlock, CA 95382

At Stan State since 2012, Dr. Ghuman received his Ph.D. in Public Administration from Florida Atlantic University in 2011. He is the Director of the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management and the Co-Director of the Master in Public Administration  (MPA) program at Stanislaus State. Dr. Ghuman has been a consultant for both local and national level nonprofit agencies and has extensive publications and conference proceedings related to nonprofit and public management. It was while he was working with nonprofit organizations and mentoring students to enter the field that he realized the need for a certificate program that provides the skill set and the educational foundation needed. That commitment led to the development of the Nonprofit Management Certificate Program.