Elective Courses (6 units)

Note: the selection of elective courses will be determined collectively by each cohort.


BUS 5600 Global Business Strategy (3 units)

This course offers strategies for formulating business planning in a global setting. It covers global strategy issues, international competitiveness, nation specific and region-specific competitive strategies, and an understanding of key European and Asian theories on global business strategy. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the EMBA program.

BUS 5650 Current Topics in Legal/Ethical Issues in Business (3 units)

This course addresses legal problems commonly encountered by managers and executives with an emphasis on preventing or minimizing legal disputes as well as organizational exposure to legal liability. This course will cover sales contracts, employment law, alternative dispute resolution, intellectual property, and antitrust matters. This course will also cover client and attorney interaction, how to use and communicate with a lawyer, and how to make legal executive decisions. This course will also stress ethical standards and the responsible roles of businesses in society. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the EMBA program.

BUS 5700 Crafting the Lean Business Enterprise (3 units)

This course shows how managers can improve a firm’s competitive position by employing latest practices and techniques of Lean Business Enterprise. It will cover the tools and principles of Lean Systems, as well as their applications in manufacturing and service operations.  This course also emphasizes plant tours, cases, and analysis of operations in regional companies. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the EMBA program.

BUS 5750 Leading High-Performance Teams (3 units)

This course covers the cutting-edge issues regarding teams and team leadership. While most courses on teams and team leadership deal with the topic in a conceptual manner, the focus of this course is on practical issues regarding how to create and sustain high-performance teams in a dynamic environment. This course will address: how to create a team environment and structure; how to form and lead teams; how to define team processes and responsibilities; how to lead teams in goal setting; and, how to deal with conflicts and issues between teams. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the EMBA program.