Core Courses (21 units)


ACC 5110 Management Accounting (3 units)

The application of managerial accounting techniques and procedures to the solution of managerial problems in all functional areas of business.

CIS 5620 Computer Information Systems (3 units)

An overview of the concepts and structure of computer-based information systems that support decision making at all levels of management.  Topics include the definition and role of CIS; the uses of CIS; various organizational information systems; computer hardware, software; database systems, and the principles of CIS development and management.

FIN 5210 Managerial Finance (3 units)

Focuses attention on financial management of business enterprises and its relation to other functional areas of management and to general business policy. Extensive use of case problems and/or simulation exercises provides applications of theory to financial decisions involving cash flow management, capital structure planning, capital costs, capital budgeting, dividend policy, and valuation of enterprises operating for profit.

MGT 5310 Business Organization, Theory & Behavior (3 units)

Advanced study of complex business organizations. Analysis of organization systems and managerial actions in terms of their influence on patterns of behavior.

MKT 5410 Marketing Management (3 units)

Emphasis on managerial decision-making, problem solving to formulate and administer effective marketing activities. Marketing as a total system designed to plan, price, distribute, and promote goods and services to users. Major emphasis on case method covering buyer behavior, product, channel of distribution, pricing, and promotion.

OM 5630 Seminar in Quality & Productivity Management (3 units)

Study of the management of quality and productivity of products and services. Emphasis will be on customer focus, business process re-engineering, benchmarking, supplier’s management, continuous improvement, Just-In-Time systems, and statistical process control.

MGT 5900 Integrated Business Strategy (3 units)

An integrated approach to the formulation, implementation, and administration of corporate strategy linked to specific strategic opportunities and problems.  Extensive use of the case method in developing analytical skills applicable to strategic issues.  Economic, social, and ethical considerations included in the analysis process along with functional-area skills related to strategic objectives. Individual and team structures will be used.