About Us


The Innovation and Workforce Development Hub (IWD) explores opportunities for innovative collaboration between Stanislaus State and the community, researching the viability of new program ideas and prospects for strategic funding.

We seek to:
  • Further Stanislaus State’s mission by enabling learners with diverse skills and experiences to secure jobs, get promoted, and pursue careers that will allow them to lead successful lives in a globalized, interconnected world.
  • Identify innovative solutions that will bridge workforce gaps.
  • Collaborate across colleges, campus units, and departments, as well as communities and industries, to provide workforce development offerings of professional and educational excellence.
Our Philosophy

Innovation and workforce development are essential elements for community and economic development. Our work supports the region’s social and economic well-being by providing individuals with the skills, knowledge, and experience they need to secure employment with competitive wages and by promoting regional business retention, attraction, and economic growth strategies.

Our Approach

We align non-credit program development with regional workforce development needs and industry standards by identifying economic trends, regional skills gaps, and career pathways.   

As a result, we’re able to: 

  • Prepare learners with flexible and manageable workforce training and experience that result in high-skill and high-wage employment.  
  • Develop affordable, results-driven workplace training for businesses, organizations, and industries.