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Collaborative Online
International Learning

What is COIL?

“COIL” (Collaborative Online International Learning) at Stan State helps to support and enhance the achievement of global/transnational engagement goals, through online, collaborative course projects with international partners. The COIL model capitalizes on the myriad tech tools available for online teaching and learning to connect students at separate campuses for shared course projects and assignments. COIL activities offer meaningful and authentic international, intercultural, and sometimes interdisciplinary learning experiences in support of course and institutional learning outcomes without requiring international travel.

COIL provides an opportunity to share our faculty expertise, incredible students, and regional/national resources with curricular partners around the world. The COIL model of virtual exchange was developed at the State University of New York (SUNY), and we draw upon their model for our program at Stan State. We also draw up resources obtained through Florida International University’s COIL Virtual Exchange Leadership Institute, and through our memberships in the SUNY COIL Global Network and the Latin American COIL Network.