Connect with COIL


As we’re launching the COIL program at Stan State, we’re beginning by soliciting faculty interest in learning more about or participating in COIL. Faculty COIL Interest form helps us to understand more about you, and your prior experiences (if any) with global/transnational teaching and research, and possible future interests. It also gives you a chance to tell us why you’re interested in learning more about COIL, and to ask questions you might have. You are not expected to have any prior experience with transnational/global/international teaching and learning in order to get involved with COIL, but we are asking about such experiences to ensure that we are capitalizing upon existing relationships and expertise as we initiate and scale up the COIL program at Stan State.

We’re starting to build potential COIL partnerships with institutions and individuals with whom we already have study abroad, research-based, or other types of transnational relationships. We’ll soon solicit information from faculty about courses for which you are interested in developing COIL projects, and helping where needed to match faculty with international partners. 

We’ll also soon have a form for institutional partners and faculty collaborators from outside of Stan State who wish to connect with Stan State faculty for COIL projects.