Study at Stan State


International students can come to Stan State to study for either a semester or a year of undergraduate or one semester of graduate coursework. Classes are for credit, and students will receive a Stan State transcript upon completion.

How does it work?

You may enroll for classes that have open seats during your registration period.  You must meet all the prerequisites listed for the course.  This is a perfect opportunity to take classes in your area of study or to take classes in other areas of interest or professional development. 


You may also select courses within thematic areas.  Our sustainability opportunity is detailed below.  Other opportunities for special focus include criminal justice and law, media and creative arts, culture, the American mosaic, TESOL, California, and communication & marketing.  Contact us for more information on these areas. 

Sustainability in Practice

Have a desire to deepen your understanding of all facets of the concept sustainability?  Interested in participating in community engagement in the place where you are studying to make positive impacts on sustainability?  Join us in exploring the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as we seek to live them out in practical ways in our community through service and engagement. 

Available at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Sample Courses
  • BIOL 2650 – Environmental Biology
  • SOCL 3430 – Population, Resources, and the American Future
  • AGST 4080 – Sustainable Agriculture
  • GEOG 2350 – Water and Power
  • AGST 4050 – Sustainable Vegetable Production
  • GEND 4220 – Gender, Environment and Sustainability
  • AGST 3000 – Agriculture, Society, and the Natural World
  • GEOG 4050 – Restorative Human Ecology
  • GEOG 4760 – Environmental History of the Central Valley and Its Wetlands
  • CHEM 3100 – Environmental Chemistry
  • ECON 4560 – Natural Resources & Environmental Economics
  • GEOG 4350 – Urban Geography
Sample Community Engagement Experiences
  • Serving local refugee community
  • Working with the homeless population
  • Helping with after school programs in underserved communities
  • Creating and leading climate action, responsible consumption, and clean water/sanitation engagement programs in the community
  • Engaging with social justice efforts with the wide variety of people groups in the Central Valley of California