2016 Hubei University of Economics (HUBE) Students

News Feuna Shahbazian

Hubei University Students group photo

For the past three years, Stanislaus State has offered the American Culture and Financial Economy (ACFE) Program through University Extended Education.  This program is one section of a broader plan to develop an ongoing relationship with Hubei University of Economics (HUBE) in Wuhan, China.

The two-week program included rigorous lectures and seminars that provided the students with an understanding of our economy, combined with American culture and language development. During their time, the Hubei students attended summer classes for two weeks. Classes consisted of Finance and English as a Second Language (ESL). In addition to learning English in their ESL class, the lectures contained an American culture component as well.

As well as living on campus in the dormitory and attending classes, the Hubei students also went on field trips to Yosemite National Park, The Federal Reserve Bank, San Francisco, Hilmar Cheese Factory, Stanislaus County Fair, and the Modesto Nuts versus Stockton Ports baseball game. This gave the students the opportunity to immerse themselves in our American culture.

During their stay, I was able to sit down and interview students about their stay and experience.

Hubei University Students group photo

Student Interview

STUDENT:  Chris  (English Name)  |  Chen, Hao

How was your experience here in the US?

It was a wonderful experience.  The people here are very nice.  When I am crossing the roads, they always say hi to me.  If I have any problems, they always try their best to offer help to me.

Was there a specific time or experience you could share about American’s being so nice?

Yes, when I went to the student fitness center, the receptionist said hi to me, helped me register, and showed me how to use the machines.  When I was over my exercise, they said “goodbye, see you!”  The people here are very friendly and enthusiastic.

Where there any other places on campus you liked?

The library is wonderful.  There are so many books there.

Out of all the trips you took during your stay here, which one did you like the most?

I really liked Yosemite National Park.  It was a wonderful sight.  Also, I really liked the Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco.  It was very formal, strict, and exact.

What was your favorite food?

I liked the burger.

STUDENT:  Joyce (English Name)  |  Zhou, Yiping

How was your campus experience?

I think it’s nice and very interesting.  The whole campus is very interesting for me.  We have more freedom here than in China.  At night we have time for ourselves.  Our dormitory here is very nice…we have a living room!  In China we have four people in each room. 

Out of all the trips you took during your stay here, which one did you like the most?

I really enjoyed San Francisco.  I liked the ocean, it’s cold but beautiful.  The Federal Reserve Bank was an interesting experience.  I haven’t been to such a place like that before.

What class was your favorite?

I loved the American Culture class.  It really taught me about the culture.  These classes are different from Chinese.  Here we can talk to the teacher and ask questions.  In China we just listen to the teacher.

What was your favorite food?

Actually, we really liked the American food, mostly the burgers.