Student Story: Jotpreet Sahota

Nonprofit Management Student



Why did you choose to obtain your certificate from Stan State?

Stan State’s certification program on Nonprofit Management is the first of its kind at the CSU graduate level. When I realized I wanted to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector, the certificate program seemed like the next best possible step.

What are some of the aspects you enjoy most about the program? Why?

The professors! Director Ghuman and the team of professors in the program are well-experienced in the field and are ready to assist our cohort at all times. Our cohort is also small in size, giving the professors plenty of time to meet with students.

Would you recommend the certificate program to others?  If so, why?

A. I would recommend the certificate program to anyone looking to expand their career in the nonprofit sector. The unique affordances of nonprofit work allow for anyone with a social drive to succeed, and this program only highlights that.

One piece of advice you’d give to prospective students.

I would tell prospective students to remind themselves of why they enjoy nonprofit work, and what they seek out of it. It can be easy to forget the reasoning behind principles and practices, however, it is all important if you want it to be.