University Extended Education’s Marketing Specialist, Feuna Shahbazian, a three-time winner of the prestigious UPCEA Marketing Awards


Founded in 1915, UPCEA is one of the leading associations for professional, continuing, and online education.  Each year UPCEA holds a Call for Entries for their annual UPCEA Marketing Awards.  Many creative and marketing departments, from universities across the globe, enter in for a chance of being recognized as creating the best marketing practices and promotional pieces in the field.

Our very own Marketing Specialist, Feuna Shahbazian, decided to enter some of the promotional pieces and advertisements that she created for Stanislaus State’s University Extended Education department.  Even though she would be running up against larger universities (Johns Hopkins University, University of California Irvine, Colorado State University, New York University, California State University Northridge, University of British Columbia—just to name a few) that didn’t stop her competitive nature in entering in for the chance to win.  And we’re glad she did.  For the first time ever, University Extended Education won three UPCEA Marketing awards.  Ms. Shahbazian won two awards in the category of Outdoor Campaign, winning gold and silver, and a silver award in the category of Transit.

We can’t wait to see what she will come up with for the various marketing campaigns for 2017!