Stanislaus State MBA/OMBA Exit Survey

Ten minutes of your time would be invaluable to us and future MBA students!


To improve Stan State’s MBA experience, we are asking all MBA students who are near graduation to complete this survey. We greatly value your input and request that you answer all of the questions carefully and honestly.  You may opt to keep your responses anonymous at the bottom of the survey.

Very DissatisfiedSomewhat DissatisfiedNeutralSomewhat SatisfiedVery SatisfiedN/A
Overall quality of the program?
Ability of the program to meet your expectations?
Teaching effectiveness of faculty?
Relevancy of the curriculum to your career goals?
Intellectual challenge of your courses?
Program’s content keeping pace with recent trends and developments in your field?
Concentrations and General-track options?
Your investment in the program when comparing cost to the quality of education?
Quality of curriculum to advance your career?
Responsiveness (accessibility) of faculty?
Quality of services provided by program staff?
Definitely NotProbably NotMightProbably YesDefinitely
Choose Stan State again to earn your MBA degree?
Recommend the Stan State MBA program to others?
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Thank you for completing our Graduate Exit Survey. Your feedback is valuable to us and will be used to improve our program for future students. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.