Knowledge of Math // Work Habits // Attitude


Sundar STEM Warriors’ three pillars are connected and strengthened with educational experiences supporting our students’ confidence, perseverance, and joy.

Knowledge of Math
Mathematical content aligned with grade level appropriate to California’s Common Core State Standards, focusing on problem-solving and developing number sense.

Work Habits
Develops and strengthens work habits that lead to success in mathematics, such as perseverance, seeking and using mathematical structure, problem-solving, reasoning, using mathematical language, attending to precision, and using appropriate tools, along with teamwork. 

Instills in students an “I can” attitude toward math—building curiosity, resilience, resourcefulness, and enjoyment. 

About Dr. Sundar
Sundar STEM Warriors is named for the late Dr. Viji Sundar, who served 42 years at Stanislaus State in the Department of Mathematics. Dr. Sundar established numerous educational programs that helped students hone their math skills and brought both middle and high school students to Stanislaus State to simultaneously experience the campus’s beauty and learn about the benefits of higher education.