Full-Time Enrollment Costs

Full-time enrollment includes:

  • Access to Student Recreation Complex
  • Access to Student Health Center
Application Fee Tuition and Fees Books and Materials Rooms and Meals

Health Insurance

Total Expenses
$150 $2,850 $110 $1,660 $541 $5,311
Prices subject to change without notice. 

Per Course Costs

Certain students inside the United States and all students outside the United States may enroll part time.  Our classrooms are fully equipped to accommodate in-person and virtual enrollment and participation.  To participate virtually, you will need a device (computer, phone, tablet) that has an internet connection and can stream video and you will need to be able to participate live in classes and collaborate with classmates on assignments both inside and outside of class times. 

TOEFL Preparation $369
Communication skills $369
Reading & Writing $737
Listening & Speaking $553
Grammar $369
Pronunciation $184
Culture Studies $369
Prices subject to change without notice. 
Students who enroll per course will need to pay additional fees for access to the Student Recreation Complex, Student Health Center, and to participate in local excursions and the day trip.