Homestay with Local Families


A homestay is a unique opportunity for international students to live with a local American host family. In addition to providing an affordable private room with an option of two meals per day or access to the kitchen, the program gives students a chance to experience American culture from a first-hand perspective and build cross-cultural friendships

Stanislaus State works very closely with International Student Placements (ISP), a local homestay company that has placed international students in local host families since 1992. ISP visits each host family’s house and views the student’s room to make sure that it is adequate. ISP is a wonderful partner known for its professionalism, caring and committed staff and superior service to students and schools.


If you are a student who is coming to study at Stanislaus State by yourself, please apply to ISP directly by completing the ISP Application. You will be paying your host family the fees for your room and meals directly.

Estimated Fees (per month):
Homestay with 2 meals a day: $1,100
Deposit: $100
Homestay with no meals: $925
Homestay placement fee: $375

Note: Prices are subject to change. Please contact International Student Placements (ISP) for the latest pricing and availability.

ISP works hard to provide a well-matched homestay in which the student will feel comfortable and secure. Host families will be selected based on the student’s application form. Please be as specific as possible about your particular requests for a comfortable living environment (allergies to pets, host’s religion, etc.). The more information you include about yourself and your preferences, the better! ISP will do its best to honor your requests.


If you are in a Group coming from a University or Agent partner, please email for more information

Groups are when multiple students come from either the same agent or the same international school. These students complete a different ISP application (shorter) and we contract directly with either their international school/agent and sign an agreement with them.

The agent/international school collects the student applications and pays ISP directly on behalf of the students in one sum. ISP pays the hosts directly, oversees the program much closer, hosts get separate informational packets, and the host lists are sent to the agent/int’l school in one batch, 14 days before the group arrives (not to the students directly).