Session Descriptions


Session 1:

During this 4-week session, the focus will be on Subtest I that covers Domain 1: Word Analysis and Domain 2: Fluency. These two domains will cover competencies 3 through 9. Session 1 will prepare teacher candidates to complete both multiple choice questions and complete constructed responses that will mirror those encountered on the RICA. Session 1 will focus on making data-based decisions, identifying evidence-based interventions/strategies to support student literacy, and understanding the skills needed (i.e., phonological and phonemic awareness, reading with automaticity) to become proficient readers.

Session 2:

This 4-week session will focus on Subtest II, which assesses Domain 4: Vocabulary, Academic Language, and Background Knowledge and Domain 5: Comprehension. These two domains will focus on competencies 10 through 15. Session 2 will focus on vocabulary, including academic language, and increasing reading comprehension. Evidence-based literacy strategies will be reviewed, discussed, practiced, and assessed through individual, small-group, and whole group instruction and activities.

Session 3:

The last 4-week session focuses on Subtest III, which assesses Domain 1: Planning, Organizing, and Managing Reading Instruction Based on Ongoing Assessment Knowledge. This domain will focus on competencies 1 through 2. During this session, the focus will be on using assessment to plan reading instruction, creating targeted interventions based on data to improve students’ literacy skills, and developing a “tool bag” of reading assessments to use in the classroom. Assessments data are included on some of the constructed responses. It is expected that teacher candidates will be able to review the data provided (i.e., running records, reading inventories, writing samples) and provide cogent responses on how to improve the literacy skills of the student.

Note: There is a one-week break between each session that will provide 1:1 support on the same day/time as the regular session. Upon registering for the course, the instructor will provide a Zoom link for each session.

Be prepared to register and pay for the RICA. You may either complete a computer-based test or a video performance assessment. Each subtest costs $57.00. The time limit for Subtests I and II is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Subtest III has a time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes.