TPA Cycle Remediation


CalTPA Instructional Cycle 1: $200
CalTPA Instructional Cycle 2: $200

TPA Remediations/Revisions and Requirements:

If a candidate fails a cycle in the CalTPA, they might have to go through a remediation process before resubmitting.  Failure due to condition code does not require remediation. However, if a candidate fails due to low total score, they must go through a remediation process before retaking the assessment. 

  • If a candidate fails due to a low score on the CalTPA, they must first register for remediation through Extended Education and pay the tuition fee for remediation.
  • After the remediation registration is confirmed with Extended Education, the candidate will then receive directions on how to contact their remediation specialist so that an appointment can be made. 
  • Once remediation is complete, the candidate can then revise their CalTPA cycle and resubmit for scoring.