Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I choose online education over face to face instruction?

Online instruction allows education to be convenient for the learner providing students with a classroom environment that they can attend anytime and anywhere. Students, who have family and work obligations, find that online instruction provides the most flexibility for busy life and work schedules. While most students like the convenience and flexibility of an online classroom, online education is not for everyone.  Students must take responsibility for their learning, be self-directed and disciplined in their study habits. See if an online program is right for you with the Online Readiness Self-Assessment.

What should I know about this program?

This fast-paced program requires students to be organized and have good time management skills. This schedule requires planning and organization to complete required course work in a timely fashion. The fast-paced nature of this program does not allow students to drop in or out of their designated cohort.  Should a student need to take a leave of absence, they may need to reapply. Re-admittance to the program is not guaranteed and is on a space available basis.

How many students are admitted and how often?

The Online RN-BSN Program admits every fall and spring semester. The average cohort size has been 23 students for the past three cohorts.

Are there any face to face requirements?

The online RN-BSN program has two mandatory face to face requirements:

  • Orientation:  â€‹Students are required to attend a mandatory synchronous Zoom orientation for their cohort.
  • Community Health Clinical:  Students will complete 90 community health clinical hours over the 10-week summer session. Arrangements for clinical assignments will start six month prior to the start of class. Students will not make personal arrangements with community agencies; students will work with the program director for their community health clinical placement. Students are required to meet all immunization, CPR, and school of nursing clinical requirements prior to the start of community health clinicals. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from clinical sites. California State Board and CCNE accreditation requirements, and the American Nurses Association Scope and Standards of Practice provide guidance for all clinical placements.

What technology is required for online instruction?

Students will communicate, document, and complete assignments using the Canvas Platform. Course work through Canvas is asynchronous; however, faculty may provide real time or synchronous learning opportunities for students. Students will be required to engage in both individual and collaborative group work in the online environment. For technical support visit the Office of Information Technology Student Resources page.

Am I part of Stanislaus State?

As a student in the online RN-BSN program you are admitted to the Stanislaus State system and must adhere to all university and program policies. Once course work is completed you are eligible to graduate with your Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Commencement occurs every spring. We encourage all of our students to participate in the graduation commencement and nursing pinning.