Program Overview


The Health Science major provides undergraduate students with a broad-based curriculum designed to prepare them with the foundational knowledge, skills, and professional values necessary to succeed in a variety of health-related careers and fields that advance health in their communities and globally. Courses within the curriculum prepare students with a comprehensive understanding of epidemiology, health program planning, health research, health policy and systems, professional standards, and an exploration of local and global health issues within a multicultural society. This program is also designed to articulate with community college programs in allied health to provide students the opportunity to complete a baccalaureate degree related to their select field. The Health Science degree provides appropriate undergraduate education to enter the private/community/public health workforce after graduation or to pursue graduate work in public health, social work, nursing, physician assistant, etc.

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The Goals of the Health Science Program are to prepare students who will:
  • Work effectively within cross disciplinary teams, health systems, and/or organizations
  • Employ evidence-based, ethical, and culturally-relevant practices
  • Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Recognize the contextual influences that impact health
  • Demonstrate a commitment to life-long learning and professionalism
Health Leadership and Administration Concentration

The concentration in Health Leadership and Administration (HLA) provides students with an interdisciplinary education that will support them in a wide range of entry and middle management careers within the private/community/public health workforce sector. Students in the HLA concentration will be prepared to provide leadership, advocacy, budgeting, communication, management, and evaluation of services in health settings. This degree completion program will be of high interest to the many allied health professionals who seek professional advancement or certification. This concentration also provides the education needed to pursue graduate work in health care, public, and business administration.

Common roles obtained by Health Science alumni are:
  • Healthcare Administration Support
  • Direct Patient Care
  • Health Education and Outreach
  • Laboratory and technical support
  • Program coordination and support
  • Logistics Coordinator