TPA Prep Courses


The CalTPA prep courses prepare aspiring teachers to take both Cycles 1 and 2 of the California Teacher Performance Assessment. Courses are 6- 7 weeks long and are conducted fully online. Participants will receive 3 units of contract extension credit for each course.

Note: This course is meant for individuals who are able to register and take the Multiple Subject or Single Subject CalTPA. It is not meant for individuals who are seeking to earn a credential in Special Education or for those who are taking the Administrative Performance Assessment (APA). Also – In order to take the CalTPA you must meet the following requirements:

  • Teach in a TK-12 classroom setting where you have access to students in an in-person or synchronous virtual setting.
  • Be able to video record a lesson (or set of lessons) that can be submitted to Pearson for scoring.
  • The recording(s) must also include the teacher and at least three students – who all must be seen and heard.
  • For cycle 2 specifically – samples of student work must be collected and submitted
  • Be prepared to register and pay for the CalTPA through Pearson. The cost of cycle 1 is $150, and the Cost of Cycle 2 is $150. Information that explains the registration process through Pearson can be found HERE. Please note that for the 2022/2023 academic year the CalTPA is free for residents of California.

If individuals are not able to meet the above requirements, they will not be able to submit the CalTPA to Pearson for scoring - therefore you should not register for this course. If you have questions, please contact Dr. Soodjidna at


Course Descriptions

EDUC 6790 - Asset Based Lesson Planning: Preparing for the CalTPA- Cycle 1 (3 extension units)

In this workshop, current teachers, interns and student teachers who are working through CalTPA Cycle 1 will advance their knowledge about Cycle 1, and more specifically, the ways in which lesson planning is unpacked. Specific areas of focus include: learning about students’ strengths and learning needs, asset-based instruction, and support strategies that will further the academic development of English learners, students with special needs, and students who have other challenging life experiences. The course will explore these topics with a detailed walk through of all elements in CalTPA Cycle 1 and prepare candidates to submit their assessments for scoring.

Price: $500

EDUC 6791 - Planning for assessments – Preparing for the CalTPA – Cycle 2 (3 extension units)

In this course – current teachers, interns, and student teachers who are working through CalTPA Cycle 2 will advance their knowledge about assessment driven instruction.  Specific areas of focus include: Informal, student-self, and formal assessment planning, rubric development, the development of higher order thinking skills, and the integration of instructional technology. The course will unpack these topics with a detailed walk through of all elements in CalTPA cycle 2 and prepare candidates to submit their cycle for scoring.

Price: $500


About the Instructor

Dr. Daniel Soodjinda

Dr. Daniel Soodjinda is currently the CalTPA faculty coordinator at CSU Stanislaus where he is also an associate professor of Liberal Studies and Teacher Education. He has over 15 years of experience with the CalTPA and has facilitated CalTPA support workshops for teacher candidates, teacher education faculty, university supervisors, and mentor teachers across the state. He also conducts research related to the CalTPA and has and presented his findings at a number of nationwide conferences.