Statement of Professional Philosophy


Please respond to the following prompt using standard APA format, Times New Roman font #12, double-spaced with 1-inch margins. Be sure that the running head includes your name. Maximum word length for total of philosophy sections is 1,500 words.

The Statement of Professional Philosophy will include three responses. It will specify your academic preparation, interests and specializations, and career goals. It will also describe your fit for graduate study and the integration of this pursuit into your professional goals.

Upon completion, this document will be reviewed by the Department of Psychology and Child Development for entrance into the MA program.

  1. Please highlight your academic preparation for graduate study in the Master of Arts Degree in Child Development. Discuss previous academic coursework and research experiences and how they have prepared you for this opportunity and your life-long learning goals. You may consider the impact of academic pursuits such as coursework, professional employment, fieldwork and internships, laboratory activities, presentations, publications, teaching and research experiences.
  2. Discuss your academic interests and areas of specialization. As you look forward, what would you like to learn about and why? Demonstrate what motivates further study and how new insights might further your professional objectives.
  3. The Child Development Graduate program includes a hierarchy of—developmental theory, application of theory, and the integration of theory and research into a culminating independent research-inspired project, research thesis or comprehensive exam.
  • Review the MA core coursework of theory and application courses. Identify specific areas of study that you would like to pursue as part of your graduate program, why these might be of interest, and how they might further your professional goals?
  • Discuss and give a rationale for whether you are most interested in pursuing a capstone project, research thesis, or comprehensive exam at the culmination of graduate study. Then identify possible topics or research areas that you might be interested in exploring as part of a culminating capstone experience. Finally, explore how these capstone pursuits might impact your professional views, goals, and aspirations. How might these culminating experiences impact your professional worldview?