Online MBA Concentrations


Finance Concentration

Students who pursue our Online MBA with a concentration in finance gain an AACSB-accredited, cutting-edge business education along with a focus on financial management.  The finance concentration empowers students with in-demand knowledge and a specialized skillset to thrive in the world of budgeting, investments, and financial systems. If you have a mind for finance, define and accelerate the trajectory of your career by coupling a concentration in finance with your MBA. Your resume will stand out in the crowd, increase your job prospects and position you in one of the most financially rewarding career fields for MBA graduates.

Earning a finance concentration requires the satisfactory completion of three elective courses (or nine units) within the Finance curriculum. Finance electives are introduced and rotated into course schedules based upon faculty and student interest and changes in the external business environment. See Course Schedule for finance electives currently being offered.

Finance Concentration Courses

Human Resource Management Concentration

A successful HR career reflects a progression of both education and experience. You can accelerate your professional value in the HR field by coupling the concentration in Human Resource Management with our AACSB-accredited Online MBA. Management and C-Suite executive positions require extensive knowledge and skill across a broad range of HR disciplines. Our concentration courses delve into that critical acumen. Students will master the skillsets necessary to effectively lead in the strategic, operational, and administrative roles expected of HR professionals. Prepare yourself to succeed in today’s dynamic and diverse workplaces. And for those aspiring HR professionals pursuing the SHRM or HRCI Certification, our 30-credit OMBA with HR concentration adeptly positions you for the achievement of that credential.  

Thrive in your HR career. Earn an HR concentration through the satisfactory completion of three elective courses (or nine units) within the Human Resources Management curriculum. HR electives are introduced and rotated into course schedules based upon faculty and student interest. See the Course Schedule for the HR electives currently being offered.

HR Concentration Courses

  • MGT 5610 – Strategic Human Resource Management – 3 units

The focus is on how to make strategic HR management decisions. Covers a history of HR management; identification and analysis of strategic trends; HR systems design; financial acumen for HR professionals; mergers and acquisitions strategy from an HR perspective; HR metrics, outcomes and ROI of HR; strategic impact of HR on organizational culture, diversity, ethical issues, leadership & succession planning; and managing workplace safety issues.

  • MGT 5620 – Compensation and Benefits – 3 units

Overview of the design and administration of effective compensation and benefits systems. The course presents strategies relating to compensation design, choosing employee benefits, positioning total compensation within competitive labor markets, compliance, and compensation design within both unionized and non-unionized and profit, nonprofit, and government organizations.

  • MGT 5630 – Human Resources Information Systems and People Analytics – 3 units

This course is designed to address two critical aspects of HR systems: 1) HRIS and 2) people analytics. HRIS provides an understanding of how human resource information systems are used in organizations to support organizational strategy. People analytics are the state-of-the-art techniques used in HR predictive analysis. Students will learn how to conduct analysis and explain data with the aim in understanding how hard data can influence strategic human resources management. The focus will be on merging computer technology with a strategic human resource management perspective. This course provides students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to identify, assess, develop, and implement an effective system for managing human resources information.

  • MGT 5650 – Selection, Recruitment, Training and Development – 3 units

This course will focus on staffing models, strategy, and methods including: planning, job analysis, recruitment, measurement, selection, retention management, training and development of human resources to achieve organizational effectiveness. Major EEO laws as they pertain to recruitment, selection, and promotion and workplace behavior will be included. 

  • MGT 5660 – Labor Relations and Negotiation – 3 units

This course will focus on collective bargaining issues and process; grievances and unfair labor practices; managing union organizing; strikes, boycotts and work stoppages; union-related and labor relations law; union/management relations; union decertification and deauthorization; and negotiation skills.